Keeping You Connected

Welcome to the newly redesigned suite of products from The News Tribune. They reflect the changing landscape of news and information delivery, with a wide array of options – print, online, mobile, apps, video and social media – that address the pace of today’s news cycle and the ways reader habits have changed. Our reimagined products offer exciting new ways to connect with news and information – anywhere, anytime.

Visual Impact

Our new look starts with simple, easy-to-read typefaces and a more engaging blend of video, photo, graphic and text elements.

In print, we’ve modernized our page design, with more visual space between stories for a cleaner look and easier read.

Digitally, there’s a greater focus on interactive features and visual journalism, illustrated with news videos and photo galleries. You'll also find a new, more clearly organized design.

In all our products, we emphasize significant stories and the news of the day while providing elements that add perspective and depth to important issues.

New Storytelling

Our new storytelling approach focuses on layers of information that provide you the opportunity to either quickly scan the most important headlines or explore a topic in more depth.

You’ll find quick summaries of key points, stand-out details and quotes that capture your attention and elements such as interactive maps, photo essays and databases that offer more information. Our new emphasis on video provides a nuanced, compelling way to convey what a written report often cannot.

Stories offer a mix of presentation styles and writing approaches, whether it’s breaking news, commentary or long-form features, allowing us to report them in the most engaging way possible.

Diverse Approaches

In today’s fast-paced world, we recognize that your needs in both print and digital products are different than they were five years ago and will continue to change in the years to come.

That’s why you’ll find an energized print edition that emphasizes the most important news right now, plus deeper storytelling – longer pieces with more background and perspective. We are further drawing on the strengths of a printed product, giving you more in-depth news and analysis and a wide array of topics of interest in our community, plus more content on things to do, whether it's a hobby, sport or entertainment.

Our digital redesign is more dynamic as well. Your mobile phone and tablet apps will adapt to whatever device you use for easy navigation. And on all our digital products, you’ll not only continue to receive the latest news, you’ll also be able to choose, by device, how deep you want to explore topics - either skimming the headlines and call-outs, or going deeper with extended coverage and interactive features like videos, graphics, maps, databases and more. We also bring you news updates throughout the day via Facebook, Twitter and mobile news alerts so you're always in the know.

In Depth

The News Tribune’s new In Depth coverage offers longer, in-depth stories with more background and perspective. In print, you’ll find useful graphics, maps and other visuals that help illustrate a given topic. Online and on mobile, these stories feature captivating videos, interactive maps, databases and hyperlinks, to help you explore the topic even further. It’s an exciting new way to learn more – and make the most of your time.